Chapter 4 - Page 13 - Othniel's Introduction

Sunday, 07 December 2008

Derwent Ready


Sunday, 07 December 2008, 18:29

Page 28 is up.

Posted by Drentsoft

This marks the 28th story page of the comic, 29th actual comic post and 31st news post (that didn't get deleted when I broke the system [Of which 4 have been entirely separate posts]). Why is this important? Well its not really... just something for me to say really... I'm also slightly statistics compulsive. :)

We'll be getting back to some kind of story arc-ness tomorrow (hopefully). Much excitement will occur and crazy people may well be harmed.*

In other news I'm hoping to have a Random Raving finalised sometime soon. Would have been done sooner but I just haven't been happy with how they've been turning out.

* This is not a guarantee that crazy people WILL be hurt and of course as usual with most works of fiction... no real crazy people will ever actually be harmed in the production of this comic.#

# Unless it helps make the drawing better.

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