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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Derwent Ready


Tuesday, 03 February 2009, 09:42

I am actually working on the next page

Posted by Drentsoft

No I haven't got my laptop back... but I thought I'd try and relearn my Intuos cos it is a really good piece of equipment :) Its going OK actually. More on this later. I hope to have it up later today. I've almost finished inking the page then I just have to colour and caption it. :)

Monday, 02 February 2009, 04:50

Hello there!

Posted by Drentsoft

Yet again I have updated the news on my site!

I would like to tell you today about one of my absolute favourite TV series... Futurama. Its hilarious, its sci-fi and its 100% geek/nerd approved. I thought I would just remind all you Futurama fans who may have somehow forgotten... Into The Wild Green Yonder is out this month!!

Only 21 days to go!

I'm both beyond excited and a little worried as it may be the very last Futurama release... EVER!!! This must not be allowed to happen so please, buy the DVD.. or Blu-Ray as soon as you can!

If you've never seen Futurama but like comedy or Sci-fi or failing that are an animation connoisseur then I urge you to check out Futurama somewhere! Buy a series or one of the recently released feature length episodes!

That is all for today. I apologise for the Futurama-plugging but it had to be done.

Tomorrow: Quantum Scientification and why its good for us All!

Sunday, 01 February 2009, 17:45

An update

Posted by Drentsoft

As promised I am giving you a funtastic, awesomelicious news post....

Today I moved some furniture round the house. Its much more spacious... the rest of the day has been spent playing COD5 on my Xbox 360. Its a pretty cool game and if you have a 360 with a Gold Live account you can email me for my Live Account... though to be honest it should be pretty obvious. :)

That is all... More tomorrow.

Saturday, 31 January 2009, 05:18


Posted by Drentsoft

Just a word about the lack of updates. I am still, after almost 2 months... without my laptop. So until I get it back there probably won't be any new comic pages?

I hear some people somewhere, shouting. "But you said that you could finish the page on your desktop in your last news post!" And you'd be right! I did say that. Unfortunately, as with some other skills, drawing on a Wacom properly can take months to get used to (with the not-looking-where-you're-drawing thing)... and only take seconds using a tablet PC to ruin. I can still use my awesome desktop Wacom (I'm using it for sketches and the like)... but no where near as well as I was able to use my laptop's screen. I vow instead to at least update the news post everyday with SOMETHING rather than try and release sub par pages (of which I know there have been a few already) until my laptop comes back. I also intend to put up some work in progress pages (rough sketches of the page layout with no text) if this goes on for much longer. I'd rather not have to resort to this though as they look no where near as funky as a finished page.

I thank you for your patience whilst I deal with corporate imbeciles.

I also apologise for this massive newspost. I promise the daily ones won't be nearly this long :)

Wednesday, 31 December 2008, 19:00

Note about navigation

Posted by Drentsoft

I would just like to inform readers that at this point in time I'm having trouble with the PHP or SQL for the navigation of the archives and news archives. This shouldn't actually affect anyone reading through the archives I just wanted to inform people that the buttons reading "First, Previous, Next and Last" on these 2 pages do not work. This isn't a problem as they shouldn't actually appear when the problem is solved.

Thanks for your patience whilst I try and solve this problem.

edit / - This problem only affects the mentioned links on the following pages:
and Just in case I didn't explain it properly :)... again this does not actually affect the navigation of these 2 pages as they shouldn't be visible on these pages anyway -/edit

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