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Thursday, 06 March 2008

Derwent Ready


Thursday, 06 March 2008, 09:27

Page 11 has arrived on platform ... uuuh 11...?

Posted by Drentsoft

Page 11 is finally up! It would have been up much earlier in the day but the server was having some PHP problems... or something... anyways the cool thing is I've kinda already sketched out the next 2 pages and started the script for the next chapter so I mean it when I say the next page should be up much sooner than this one was from the last one.... Confused? I know I am... Now get posting on the forums! And those of you who have VIP status can check out the previews for the next 2 pages when I upload them tomorrow.
Also a word about the drawing of this page. I'm really not happy with it but I needed to get it out so the story could continue. I'm gonna try and just do the comics as well as possible as often as possible. I'm hoping that this will cause a slight drop in quality over the next few pages but hope that overall the increased output should increase the overall quality of the pages much quicker. Now to fix my computer eyes so they can blink by themselves.... More on this development soon....

This newspost was brought to you 24 hours late by CrazyTech PLC.

P.S. The forum post for this page iiiis: Here!

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