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Web Based Video Production

Think of the last time you bought a service. What made you choose the service provider?

You may have had a list of criteria that was satisfied. For example, you may have bought on price or the value you saw in the service. Whatever your reason, trust would have had a major influence on your decision making.

A great way to save time is to short cut the sales process. A powerful way to generate warm leads is to win a prospect's trust simply by "speaking" directly to your clients on video and letting them see you in action.

Just imagine the impact you will have and the time you will save by having prospects invite you into their space by visiting your site and listening to your message.

Of course, you won't appeal to everyone. But won't it be great to eliminate the tyre kickers at the start of the sales process, without having to spend time with them that you can use to generate sales.

Because time is the most precious commodity keeping your message short, sweet and very much to the point will help you win kudos from your prospective clients and add to your credibility.

Profitable business relies on strong relationships and these are built on good, honest communications.

Having a professional provide you with a high quality video with you speaking to your prospects and demonstrating your services or products will ensure you are noticed above your competitors.

Please click for sample videos of successful business men and women.

Why It Works

People buy from people. It's a simple statement but a powerful one nonetheless. Understanding this we can see that your personal message will be much more effective at selling than a wordy webpage or a shiny brochure with very little content.

For startups the benefits can be even greater as people are often wary about purchasing from somone without a proven track record, especially online where fraud is lurking around every corner. Videos of your premises and staff, as well as slick product demonstrations will often help people overcome this barrier to purchasing and you should see conversion rates and sales soaring.

Why Choose Drentsoft?

There are several reasons you should choose Drentsoft. First and foremost we have a passion for the visual arts.

Secondly we work on a tapeless video format which uses less costly and REUSABLE recording media. This means that we're not constantly purchasing new media for every project

Thirdly as with many creative projects when the question of cost arises it's often a case of "how long is a piece of string". We, however, tell you what the costs involved will be up front, with an upper limit and a most likely value, stating clearly what all the variables will be (such as the length of the video, how much motion graphics are involved etc). Many companies will claim to give you a good deal, quoting a very reasonable sounding amount. In our experience these companies will often charge exorbatent amounts for mileage and often charge you, the customer for all their costs, such as tape recording media which should only be used once, at a significant profit.

Drentsoft will only ever charge for our expertise and costs incurred and this will all be agreed upon before the project is started.

We are based in Reading, in the South East. As such we are fairly centralised and can cover a large area of the UK.

Knowing this, how can you not act now?

Shoot us an email over at the contact page stating your proposed idea along with basic plans for what you're hoping the video will do for you and we'll be in touch to discuss all aspects from the location of the shoot, how long it should be, where it should be placed and what should be in it!