Digital Production Services

3D Animation Design and Production

Drentsoft offers 3D animation to those organisations who want to show off a complex or technical concept in an easy to understand visual format.

Maybe you have a new best-selling device in the works and you'd like to see how it would look off the paper before investing time and energy making a physical product. Or maybe you've already designed the prototype and you'd like to show it off to investors and customers without having to keep potentially costly demo units around. If so Drentsoft can help you by designing a 3D maquette that spins in full 3D or embedding it into a scene to show how well it fits into it's designated environment. Drentsoft can even produce animations of its intended use. The options are limitless and your benefits will be many.

A picture paints a thousand words and with animation the impact is increased exponentially. For example, a diagram can be brought to life and the complete picture can be seen in seconds without the need to plough through a maze of words.

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Luxrender Rendering

<p>A rendering of 3 balls using Luxrender raytracing</p>

A rendering of 3 balls using Luxrender raytracing

Image by Derwent Ready


Apocalypse Soon

3rd Year Digital Matchmove Project

By Derwent Ready

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  • Blobs Animation

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  • Final Year Project

  • Final Year Project Remake