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Disney's Princess And The Frog Review


The Princess and the Frog is a great return for Disney to the realm of original mostly hand-drawn films. The film takes place in 1920s New Orleans.

The visuals are very good, mixing traditional hand-drawn animation and slight augmentations of 3D animation.

In typical Disney form the film is partly a musical with the numbers being fairly memorable and enjoyable, if not a little cheesy in places.

The voice acting is pretty good with a good lead, supported by the always brilliant Keith David.

Overall this is a good film that plays well on the becoming the fairy tale you reference, with a twist theme and I hope it ushers in a new glorious age for traditional animation from Disney. I understand why they've moved into predominantly 3D animation but really, when your sister company is Pixar you're never going to stand up to scrutiny in the field THEY created and it shows in Disney's 3D animated ventures.

The blu-ray extras are rather nice too.