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Fluxx 4.0 Review


I've whiled away the hours playing Fluxx with friends and family. Loads of fun for hours on end, just remember to keep on top of those rules, First Play Random is the devil!

Fluxx is the game with just one rule: Draw a card, Play a card. What makes this game so unique and incredibly fun is that the rules are ever changing! The game consists of several types of card.


These cards allow you to do something along the lines of swapping hands with someone or taking one card from everyone or drawing extra cards.

New Rules

These, as one would imagine change the rules of the game. Suddenly that seemingly boring draw 1, play 1 rule becomes, draw 2, play 5!


Goals are what allow you to win (or not) the game. Most rules revolve around having a combination of keepers (explained below). The problem with goals is for the most part only one goal is allowed on the table at any one time so you can spend several turns building up a perfect strategy to win using a goal someone else put down then BAM! someone else changes the goal and you're back down to having no strategy.


These cards don't really do anything. They sit on the table being threatened to be taken away by other players but in combination with goals they are USUALLY the things that help you win.


Creepers are a new addition to  Fluxx as of version 4.0. These work in a very similar way to keepers except that generally speaking if you have creepers on the table you cannot win.

The game can last 1 turn, yes really, or half an hour and as such it's a great game for keeping you entertained hours on end.