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A Quick Tip on Restoring Network Connectivity In Windows

Suddenly lost your network connection and no matter what you try you can't get it back? You've uninstalled and reinstalled all the drivers, reset the router, turned the modem on and off and you still can't get back on the network? I've seen this a few times and even seen supposed system admins stumped.

Almost everytime I've found you can fix it by simply running the system restore utility and restoring to the last point just before the problem occurred. Most people don't think to try this because they just don't value system restore as a useful tool in solving problems. The only catch? You have to have had System Restore active before the problem started.

I hope you found this quick tip useful. It's solved connectivity for me and a few friends several times.

NOTE: I've only seen this problem in Windows XP and Windows Vista, never in Windows 7.

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